Wednesday, 31 December 2014



2014 – it’s been a ride. What was good?

Standing on top of Beacon Hill; after breaking my hip and spending last Christmas in hospital having a replacement fitted, climbing to the top of Beacon Hill was a satisfying achievement.

Sitting with a student and watching them struggle with maths all term but passing Entry 1, 2 and 3 Functional Skills; easily. Go girl.

Redundancy: not everyone’s experience of choice but liberating and satisfying to be able to work for #FE without being mired in the politics.

#UKFECHAT – easily the best organisation for #FE that exists. So grateful to @MrsSarahSimons and the rest of the crew for their companionship, friendship, professionalism and passion.

The weather; long, hot, summery evenings spent in my garden, with family and friends. Fabulous.

Looking forward to:

Learning more; taking a course on Gamification via Coursera in February, to see if I can learn more to convince colleges to buy into this great tool and benefit students.

Climbing a bigger hill; my daughter climbed Kilimanjaro last year, I’m looking at Snowden but still hopeful.

Buying my husband a Porsche 928 for his birthday; his dream, my pleasure.

Working with more #FE peeps, and learning from them.

Attending the @TESFEAWARDS at the Grosvenor and seeing the Good and Great in person. Sometimes, I can’t believe they’re real; honoured to be there.
Love #FE; here's to it.




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